Sex Chair for Couple


Sex Chair for Couple


The sex chair for couple come from USA warehouse. Attach your favorite dildo and this sex stool + position pillow will give you the ride of your life! The bouncing stool allows you to simulate sex from the top as you bounce up and down, aided by the stretchy straps of the seat. Use it on your own for penetrating intensity that is easy to control, or put on a show for your partner. The bench is easy to set up and discreet to store, with durable steel frame that is built to last. Any dildo with a suction cup or a wide base can be mounted to the top of the position pillow. Ideal for solo or couple play. Just to try some new stimulating Kama sutra positions. Allow your partner to pleasure you from below. This position grants more exposure as your genitals relax downward. Perfect for riding your partner!Bring your sex furniture home,you will get many pleasure.


Weight 3 kg


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